10GE Switch with 100GE Uplinks

The latest product in the switch line is the DM4270, featured in two models, both based on the DmOS networking operating system, with 10GE, 40GE and 100GE optical interfaces for high-value, value-added ethernet metro aggregation applications such as corporate access and ultra broadband services. The new products are targeted at data aggregation applications in high performance and performance networks such as networks for ultra-high-bandwidth internet access services and high-value, value-added enterprise services.

The DM4270 IP / MPLS switch line stands out mainly for the high capacity of 10GE and 100GE interfaces, great scalability and robust and redundant design to ensure the high availability of services.

There are two switch models, one with 24 10GE interfaces and 2 uplink 100GE interfaces and the other with 48 10GE interfaces and 6 uplink 100GE interfaces, ensuring the high packet switching capability required by high-capacity access services.

The DM4270 switches are based on the DmOS network operating system, supporting a variety of L2, IP and MPLS functionalities to suit different network architectures and topologies and ensuring high reliability of services. In addition, because they are based on the DmOS system, customers who already use products from this line will have a user experience exactly like other DmOS products, which reduces operating costs and accelerates the development and evolution of the network.