DM2500 6GT+2GC. IP Router.
DM2500 6GT+2GC
IP Router

DM2500 Routers are the ideal solution for Service Providers delivering Enterprise Internet Access or VPN Services at customer premises. The DM2500 products are 1U high compact devices in a robust metallic enclosure. Offer an integrated universal AC/DC power supply with automatic selection and optional redundancy available using an external power supply adapter. Up to two devices can be installed side-by-side in a 19” rack when using MA-01 tray.

  • 6 dedicated ports 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ45)
  • Up to 2 ports 1000Base-X or 10/100/1000Base-T (SFP/RJ45 Combo)
  • Compact metallic desktop enclosure with fanless version
  • Embedded AC/DC full-range power supply with automatic selection
  • 12VDC input using external AC adapter for redundancy (optional)


High Performance Packet Forwarding

The packet forwarding is performed using advanced hardware acceleration mechanisms, allowing the service provider to use DM2500 products in the most demanding applications combining complex routing protocols and advanced remote management capabilities to deliver value-added services.



The products offer a robust Command Line Interface (CLI) with interactive help which is accessible through SSHv2, Telnet or locally through RS-232 console port. DM2500 is also managed and monitored by DmView or other third party management systems through SNMP v2c or v3.

Rollback and commit operations, Remote Syslog, NTP, DHCP and TACACS are available to ease the configuration, management and remote troubleshooting of the devices.


Routing Protocols

Besides high-speed packet forwarding and static routing the product is capable of establishing dynamic routing sessions with remote nodes using RIP, OSPF or BGP protocols. Authentication, prefix lists and route maps are also supported. Comprehensive table sizes are offered to fit typical access scenarios.



DM2500 products implement VLAN tags and GRE tunnels, allowing the service provider to establish traffic isolation and make intelligent use of existing network infrastructure.



Network Address Translation mechanism in several modes is fully supported to allow a clear separation between public and private networks, also saving IP resources.



Access Control Lists configuration allows the service provider to permit or deny specific traffic patterns based on source/destination addresses, protocol type, ports and so on.



DM2500 offers flexible QoS mechanisms which implement traffic limiters and shapers as well as classification and assignment to queues. QoS features enforce the proper prioritization and differentiation of data, video and voice traffic.


DM2500 is a flexible router used in a wide range of Internet Access and Corporate VPN deployments. Offering two different versions DM2500 family is a versatile solution for IP access applications.


Internet Access Router

DM2500 routers offer a cost effective solution for Corporate Internet Access Service with symmetric rates, ensuring flexibility and reliability at the customer premises. Advanced routing protocols, security mechanisms, traffic prioritization and management features are available, allowing Service Providers to monitor and control the services being offered to their customers.



Enterprise Triple Play

The solution based on DM2500 router family can be deployed when offering private point-to-point data, voice and video concentrated all in a single device. The products allow the prioritization and tunneling of packets traversing both the Service Provider owned infrastructure and the public Internet